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The Nielsen Group Difference

At Nielsen Financial Group LLC, you’ll work with financial advisor Martin Nielsen. This power player in Central New Jersey has been in the industry for more than a decade, amassing experience at firms like Insight Private Advisors LLC, Lpl Financial LLC, and Premier College Funding LLC. Whether you have questions about your wealth management today, your retirement tomorrow, or anything in between, he can help you work out the details from start to finish.

Our Process

Define Your Needs

Sit down with Martin for a discovery meeting to understand your financial goals, needs and navigate your current situation.


Martin will evaluate your financial situation and identity potential oppurtunities or challenges down the road.

Financial Roadmap

Martin will offer personalized financial strategies with a curated Financial Roadmap tailored to your goals and pit stops.

Retirement in Central
New Jersey

Retirement starts with an unshakable financial base, which is a tall order for anyone living in an unpredictable economy. If you’re looking for an architect that can spot the holes in your portfolio holding you back, Martin Nielsen at the Nielsen Financial Group LLC can help. He helps the people of New Jersey figure out how to keep their golden years afloat from one decade to the next.

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Our Services

Retirement Income Planning

Retirement income planning is a retirement method that follows many of the same income strategies you follow now. Instead of relying on savings to pay for your
lifestyle, you rope in secure revenue every month (much like your current paycheck).


As your portfolio grows, your responsibilities grow alongside it. At a certain point, it becomes untenable to keep track of your assets. If you want to control and grow your holdings without having to devote all your time to it, Martin Nielsen at Nielsen Financial Group LLC can step in.

Investment Management

Investment management in the digital age has brought on new risks and rewards. If
you want to have a balanced portfolio that can keep pace with the future, it can help to talk to a financial expert.

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